AMA Higher Ed 2016 Recap: All The Knowledge

December 8, 2016

AMA Higher Ed 2016 Recap: All The Knowledge

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AMA Higher Ed 2016 Recap: All The Knowledge

Though we didn’t make on the new Frozen ride at Epcot at AMA Higher Ed, we’d still call it a top-notch week.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at AMA, and we’re looking forward to next year in Atlanta (pretty much our backyard).

If you missed these on our Twitter feed during the conference, here are the #knowledgedrop videos we put together. Takeaways incoming!

Keynote- Richard Edelman, President/CEO- Edelman

“No Longer Blank: Sparking Creative Ideas In Your Marketing Team” – Oregon State University

Enrollment Marketing: Albion College & Waybetter Marketing

“The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: The Journey of Developing A Successful Academic Sub-Brand”: Purdue University

“The Anatomy of A Redesign: Recruiting Gen Z” – St. Edward’s University

Keynote- Ajay Nair, Senior VP & Dean of Campus Life, Emory University

“Be Your Audience: Best Practices for Including Students in Social Content Strategy” – St. Lawrence University

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See you in Atlanta next year!