Every Story Has a Beginning

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Success begins with a well informed, meticulously defined strategy. It’s what drives your brand’s promise, determines your look and feel, and establishes your voice and tone. It’s strategy after all, that will inform your story and ultimately lead to a winning brand– and the reason right-fit students choose you in the first place.

You’re right to expect a lot from your brand

We tailor your strategy to reflect who you are and why you are a right fit in a way that resonates with your audience. A sound strategy will ensure that messaging is consistent and conforms to your brand platform. The result is an engaging and authentic brand that is presented with clarity. At the end of this engagement, you can expect:

Authentic brand promise


Compelling voice and tone


Better quality inquiries


Presidential goosebumps

Branding Results

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Piedmont College
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Ohio University College of Business
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Auburn University

Getting to know you and your school is the best part of our job

We follow a tried and true process that begins with who you are. We ask questions, we dig, we delve. Then and only then, when we truly understand your roots and your competitive landscape, do we help you activate your brand.

1. Brand Insights

We’ll listen for common themes, weigh them against your competition, and we’ll boil it all down to key insights and strategic drivers that inform your Brand Strategy.

2. Brand Platform

We’ll craft your Brand Platform to succinctly deliver your unique Brand Promise with clarity, effectively communicating why your audience should choose you.

3. Brand Identity Campaign

Brand campaign concepts anchored by insight and inspired by strategy are designed to compel your audience to act, and ultimately choose you.

4. Brand Strategy

The collective of insights, brand platform and brand identity campaign combine to be your Brand Strategy.

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